New Life Church: What Revival Really Means for Us in Naples, Florida

Revival: A Transformational Experience for the Church and Community Introduction Revival is a term that often circulates in Christian circles, but it is not just a religious jargon or buzzword. It has the potential to revive and renew the church. In this blog post, we will discuss the meaning of revival, how it is experienced at New Life Church in Naples, Florida, and its importance to the church and community. What is Revival? Revival means more than just experiencing an emotional high or temporary excitement. It is a time of spiritual awakening, renewal, and transformation in the lives of believers.

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Four Reasons Your Family Needs to Go to Church

Four Reasons Your Family Needs to Go to Church If your kids whine and complain about going to church, you’re not alone. Let’s face it. There are many distractions in our culture, and kids and teens just wanna have fun. Our culture screams, “Play more video games!” and “Go see a movie with your friends!” and “Scroll on social media!” and “Play with your new toy!” The truth is, church can’t really compete with your child’s new video game or hanging out with friends. Those things sound way more fun than going to church. But this is where we need

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